Photoshoot Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any tips on how to get the best images on the day?

  • Yes, please be sure to download our Session Guides, written specifically to give you an insight into the mind of a photographer, and will help you understand exactly what to expect on the day, and how to get the best photos possible.

How much does a photoshoot session cost?

  • Our sessions start at just £75 per hour, and you will receive your favourite 15 digital images on a premium USB.
  • We do ask that you purchase at least 1 print of your choosing. 
  • When your ready to discuss pricing Send us a Message with more detail on what you are looking for and we would be happy to put something tailored together for you.

What days are you open?

  • Beyond The Pixels Photography is open as standard on
    • Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 18:00 and
    • Saturday's from 10:00 - 16:00
    • Sunday’s from 13:00 – 16:00.  
  • Bookings outside of this time will be accepted to accommodate events with prior notice.

Where does the session take place?

  • Your studio session will take place at Beyond The Pixels Photography, 45 The Oval, Didcot, OX11 7EJ, United Kingdom

How long does a photoshoot normally take?

  • Depending on how many people there are and what type of shoot it is, a session can take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours.  Here at Beyond The Pixels Photography we value quality over quantity and prefer to take our time to get the right shots, rather than rushing through the allotted time just to get a certain number of photos out.  
  • For this reason we recommend that you budget and allow for an additional hour, over and above your booked time, and always warn us about any hard stop times that you might have.

What should we wear?

  • Simple, plain-coloured clothes tend to work best, as well as clothes with a subtle pattern. 
  • It's best to avoid bold stripes and checks, as these don't work well in pictures, and try not to have everyone in random colours or trade marked items (like Superman), as this can be distracting.
  • Everyone does not have to wear the same thing, but choosing a ‘Theme’ colour tends to work really well.
  • If it is wet underfoot, please avoid dressing toddlers in white tights as the chances of falling over and getting wet/muddy knees is high.

Do I bring my own clothes?

  • While we do have a selection of props and accessories, which you are welcome to use in your photoshoot at no additional charge. We do recommend that you personalise your session and bring your own clothing and special items as well. We will do a few different set up’s for you and we suggest you try to make each look as diverse as possible.
  • You may also want to consider props such as musical instruments, hats and sporting gear. We recommend you pack a bag full of anything you think is a remote possibility and we will work with you on the day to discuss options. We LOVE to be creative and welcome your ideas and suggestions.
  • We would suggest that you bring at least 3 complete outfits that you would feel great in!

Girls: evening dresses, lingerie, casual jeans and tops, bathers, anything with unusual textures, hats, jackets, boyfriend/ partners sport or work uniform, hair pieces, false eyelashes, teddy bears, dress up outfits, musical instruments, jewellery, shoes, accessories or anything you love or feel good in.

Guys: uniforms, suits ties, jeans, t-shirts, underwear, sunglasses, hats, jackets, sports props, sport or gym wear, musical instruments.

Do you do my make up?

  • No, we do have the ability to do this at your request, but generally we would suggest that you apply a foundation to give your skin a smooth, even colour, and apply makeup that you will want to be photographed in.  
  • Whether you are the main model on the day or not, if there is any chance that we might snap a few photos of you, you will want to look as good as you can… Photoshop can do the rest if needed ;)

Is there anything we should bring?

  • If we are shooting out and about, then we would take the normal things you would have with you for a day at the park - the children's favourite toys if they always have them with them, perhaps a ball or a cricket bat; also snacks (although it is best to avoid the organic carrot flavoured crisps that cover children in luminous orange goo!) And a drink; wipes and so 

Can I bring along my own props for the photoshoot?

  • Absolutely, we love new ideas and are happy to include some of your favourite things, but please let us know what you intend to bring first.

What happens when I wake up with a spot or bruise on photoshoot day?

  • Relax…don’t worry about it!
  • Retouching is included with every session. We remove scars as requested, acne, blemishes, stretchmark’s and cellulite in addition to bruises and other random marks you may have on the day of your session!
  • We don’t “take off 15 pounds” or do “body reshaping.” we work with clients to find the most flattering poses and lighting to highlight their best features. If there’s something you feel particularly self-conscious about, let us know.

How much re-touching do you do, I still want to look like me!

  • We pay special attention to lumps and bumps, spots etc but we never change you so much that you’re unrecognisable! You’re just a smoother more polished version of your usual self - The make-up, lighting and feeling great goes a long way to achieving our final look too.

Can you get rid of my tattoo?

  • Yes, depending on how big it is, we will be happy to discuss this at our client consultation

What happens if it rains?

  • Operating a photographic business in the UK means that we are confident we can get a few great shots whatever the weather conditions! Many of our best photos have been taken either playing in studio or outdoors on damp days in the beautiful, soft light that results from cloud-cover and light drizzling rain. It's a cliché, but we photographers tend to prefer a duller day to a bright sunny one when shooting portraits, as the light is often more flattering… but we will always give you the option to change location to somewhere indoors instead. 

Can I bring a partner?

  • Absolutely! Your partner is welcome to be a part of your photoshoot. You can include your partner in as many of your photos as you like and do a mix of both together shots and individual shots, or just together shots if you prefer.

Can I bring my child/children?

  • Sure, If you have booked a single Portrait/ Couple or Headshot session, but would only like your child to be in some of your photos, we would suggest that you arrange for them to be dropped off at least half way into your session.  This way we are sure to have dedicated YOU TIME, before the little ones join in.

What if my child plays up?

  • If you have booked a Child/ Family Session, and your little ones are just not cooperating, relax that’s ok… We pride ourselves in the fact that we simply won’t force fake smiles! We will give everyone some time out, until they start having fun naturally!  But if just is not going to happen that day, we will call time and re-arrange for another day when everyone is a little happier!

What happens if my child is ill?

  • If your child is ill, then we ask you to let us know as soon as possible and we can postpone your session. We wouldn't dream of forcing a sick child to have a photoshoot, as this would be miserable for everyone involved. It's much better to wait until they are feeling better and we can all have an amazing time taking your pictures.

What is your refund policy?  Can I cancel/ re-schedule?

  • Life happens! We understand, however, we need at least 48 hours notice to transfer your deposit.  When we take your booking, we block out that date, turn other clients away, buy specific props, set up the stage and so on, if you give us less than 48 hours notice, or fail to arrive for your appointment, you will unfortunately forfeit your deposit.
  • Due to the custom nature of photography, the session fee and anything you purchase is non-refundable. We are committed to working with you to ensure you love your photos and you’ll have final say on all retouching.

Can you photograph my/my child’s hobby in action? Such as water-skiing/surfing/horse-riding/archery/singing?

  • We are happy to photograph pretty much anything interesting. We simply ask that you tell us about any specific hobbies in advance of booking, as some activities will require us to bring specialist equipment and if it is something we haven't encountered before, we will want to research it thoroughly to ensure we can capture the very best pictures for you.

Can I bring my pet?

  • Yes!  We love animals of all shapes and sizes, but please call the studio to check before making your booking.

What are your payment options?

  • We accepts PayPal and Credit Cards for any online purchases, with a 2% surcharge or Bank Transfer and Cash on the day.
  • We require a minimum £25 per hour deposit to secure your booking date with the balance payable on the day. 

How many images will I get?

  • We pride ourselves on producing a variety of images that are of a high standard and always opt for quality over quantity.
  • Depending on the session type, on average, we will aim to present you with around 20 photos per hour.

Can I have my images printed in Black and White?

  • Yes, we will always process your photo set in multiple different ways, and there is always Black & White options there.  If you would like a specific photo in black and white, please do let us know, and we would be happy to provide you with a black and white copy.

How long does it take to get my images?

  • For a Studio session, please allow 7-14 days for the editing and retouching process. If you require your images sooner, please notify us when you make your booking.

Do I have to book an appointment to view my photographs?

  • Yes, you will need to make an appointment to come back and see the photographs in person.  
  • If you have booked a Child/Family session, we require all adult models that took part in the photoshoot, to attend the viewing.  
  • Please bring your diary along to the photoshoot so we can book a convenient viewing date and time.

How long will the viewing take?

  • Most people will take up to 45 minutes to review their photos and decide on their favourite ones for printing.  Once we have your selection, we will then start the in house printing process, which can be competed within minutes (depending on your requirements).

Do you offer framing?

  • Beyond The Pixels can offer a range of framing services at competitive rates. Framing can be ordered at the time of ordering your images or after your images have been collected. Please allow approximately 1-2 extra weeks for framing.

What is the average spend?

  • £35 - £180+
  • The majority of our clients choose images for their wall, either as framed prints, or one of our acrylic or aluminium-mounted products 
  • And a photo book that will include all your very best images from the session

Do you offer a Payment Plan?

  • Not officially, but we could offer a payment plan that extends the payment window to 6 months for a minimum spend. But we would not deliver the final products until full payment has been made. Please talk with us about a payment plan if you’re interested in setting it up. 

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

  • Yes we do! Contact us to purchase gift certificates for any of our shoots - a beautifully designed voucher complete with a personalised design to include the recipient's name, will be sent to you or the recipient digitally by email. 

Who has copyright to the images?

  • Beyond The Pixels Photography retain the copyright to all images. However, You will be granted a license to reproduce the images for your personal use, or to give to family and friends. You will not be permitted to enter the un-watermarked pictures into any competitions, sell them onto third parties, such as stock libraries or use them for commercial gain.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

  • Yes, we are covered up to £1,000.000

Can I request a photographer?

  • We almost always work as a duo, either both behind the camera, getting the same scene from different angles or, one supporting the other in faming up the perfect shots.  If you would prefer to only work with one photographer, please do let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate where possible.

Where is the best place to park?

  • When visiting our studio, we have several allotted car parking spaces right across from our building. 

Do you photograph weddings?

  • Yes we do! Please have a look at our Wedding Portfolio, Wedding Guide & Wedding FAQ Pages on our website

Who do I contact if I have any questions or queries?

  • Please call 01235 409021 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.