The Product

so, What do you actually get?

Each of our amazing clients receives their Photographs in multiple size formats. You get the "Full Size" version (Un-watermarked) and the "Web Friendly" version, which we have compressed to a much smaller file size, making it easier and quicker for you to share your favourite pictures with your friends and family on social media, or your own site.


Everything is presented in a little gift bag, along with a few bonuses!

  • Inside you will find a Premium USB Drive, in your choice of either Black or White
  • Our business card (so you can always get in touch). 
  • A 10% referral card. Simply write your name on it, give it to a friend and they get 10% of their first session!
  • Finally a "Loyal Customer Reward Card", which will gift you a free session on you 6th visit.

For your convenience we also host your images on our website, which is a neat way for you to share them with your friends and family, so that they can buy the photos they love from our Shop! 

And because your page can be password protected, you can rest assured that you will stay in complete control.